How we use Life Story Work in dementia therapy to produce Life Story DVDs…

What is Life Story Work?

  • Life Story Work is an activity which involves reviewing and evaluating an individuals past life events, in developing an individual biography of that person.
  • It is used to help develop an understanding of a persons’ past experiences and how they have coped with changes in their life.
  • Life story work is a shared activity between the person, their family carer(s) and staff as appropriate.

Life Story Work describes a biographical approach, which gives people the opportunity to talk about their life experiences. It involves recording relevant aspects of a person’s past and present life with the aim of using this life story to benefit them in their present situation. The potential benefits of Life Story Work as an intervention for people with dementia and their families have been recognised for some time, in terms of promoting individualised care, improving assessment, building relationships between care staff and family carers as well as improving communication. (Clarke 2002, Bryan and Maxim 1998)

How does Life Story Work help?

  • Knowing someone’s life history can reveal a person’s past routines which can be used now in their day to day care
  • Having information can help to explain a person’s current behaviour and actions.
  • Families, friends and other carers may have a better chance of understanding what a person may be trying to communicate. Life history may also reveal a person’s private language and words.
  • Sharing a life history can give a person the chance to talk about their past and feel involved.
  • Knowing a life history can give clues to a person’s strengths and what they are still capable of doing for themselves.

Pictured Memories offers a service that works with families, family carers and care staff to produce a highly professional Life Story video using photographs, memorabilia, music and words. A beneficial tool that can help with all aspects of dementia therapy and care.

Life Story videos are also a great way of documenting a loved ones life, involving family, friends and carers and leaving a lifetime of memories to cherish

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