Willie’s Digistory…

Along with our work for various charities and non-profit organisations, we have recently had the pleasure to produce a Digistory for the LMA (Living Memory Association) based in Edinburgh. Willie, the star of the production, was an absolute card and has kindly allowed us to post the fruits of our work. Guaranteed smiles all round, click on the link below, sit back and enjoy…

Digistories are a great way to archive stories from the past, similar to our Life Story videos, Digistories can be produced using a mixture of photos, words, music, and film. The outcome often being enlightening, educational and great fun to watch…

..here’s to you Willie!

What’s the big idea?

Here at Pictured Memories we like to celebrate the life and experiences of others, but sometimes it’s not all about the past. Dementia is a growing concern in the UK and there are many organisations, groups and charities offering sound advise and invaluable help to those living with dementia. We are not just talking about the individuals, but the families, friends and carers committed to helping our loved ones.

Life Story Work is one of the essential steps proven to help individuals, families and carers in dealing with the changes and identifying the support required when living with dementia. It works on many levels, stimulating the mind and sparking memories of the past for those with dementia and helping those around them understand behavioural patterns and individual needs.

So here’s the big idea…Pictured Memories would like to start a free workshop providing Life Story videos. Working with families, carers, anybody… wanting to help. This will require funding and a great deal of time, but the rewards will be great if we can make a difference.

There is still research to be done and funding to be found…but watch this space!

Find more info on Life Story Work here.

 Update: 8/04/2013     We are very happy to report that funded Life Story Work has began with Libertus (Supporting independent living) Edinburgh, and we look forward to posting examples of this work soon!


Dementia therapy?

According to Ron Baecker, founder of the “Technologies for Aging Gracefully Lab” at the University of Toronto, people suffering from dementia can benefit from sharing a video that describes key aspects of their life with their family, friends and caregivers.

In an experimental project, students used family archival material to prepare videos about the lives of individuals who were currently suffering from dementia. They found that these videos stimulated memories for the patients, bringing them joy and sadness. Caregivers got a sense of the person before dementia,  and the videos provided the basis for family conversations. Visit http://taglab.utoronto.ca/

Film clips revive memories for those with dementia. Find out more                                 Source: Stirling University Dementia Services Developement Centre

The long goodbye

A journey into the intimate heart of a family when a life-limiting illness comes to stay.  Meet four remarkable people – Fiona, Gordon, Lucy and Emily – one of whom is unwell, all of whom are living with illness.  How does your outlook change when you discover you have ‘a dying parent’?  How do your friends respond?  How do you acknowledge ‘the elephant in the room’?  Welcome to the Cook household, Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire.

The Long Goodbye was commissioned by Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief – an alliance helping to create a Scotland which is more open about death, dying and bereavement.  Visit www.goodlifedeathgrief.org.uk

Dead Good Job

Crackin’ new BBC documentary

Once again the BBC document the changing face of the funeral industry. This time with stories from both sides of the shop window, such as a motorcycle hearse service, a funeral photographer and a terminally ill lady organising her own funeral service. Each story shows very effectively the personal way in which such an important goodbye to loved ones can be carried out with sensitivity and respect.

Alas no mention of Video Tributes, already part of most funeral services in the US, but still at least the UK’s funeral industry is beginning move forward… one step at a time…

May’s Life Story….

Just a picture?

A picture says more than a thousand words. This charming expression is all about the magic of images. There is nothing that can cast more of a spell on us visual beings than a good picture, and nothing that can create such a lasting impression.

Need I say more?