What’s the big idea?

Here at Pictured Memories we like to celebrate the life and experiences of others, but sometimes it’s not all about the past. Dementia is a growing concern in the UK and there are many organisations, groups and charities offering sound advise and invaluable help to those living with dementia. We are not just talking about the individuals, but the families, friends and carers committed to helping our loved ones.

Life Story Work is one of the essential steps proven to help individuals, families and carers in dealing with the changes and identifying the support required when living with dementia. It works on many levels, stimulating the mind and sparking memories of the past for those with dementia and helping those around them understand behavioural patterns and individual needs.

So here’s the big idea…Pictured Memories would like to start a free workshop providing Life Story videos. Working with families, carers, anybody… wanting to help. This will require funding and a great deal of time, but the rewards will be great if we can make a difference.

There is still research to be done and funding to be found…but watch this space!

Find more info on Life Story Work here.

 Update: 8/04/2013     We are very happy to report that funded Life Story Work has began with Libertus (Supporting independent living) Edinburgh, and we look forward to posting examples of this work soon!